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Nadeau Software Consulting offers a variety of services for building, customizing, and fine-tuning web sites. All services are customized to meet your particular needs. Contact me by email at:

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Configuration review

A configuration review examines your web site's many configuration settings with an eye towards improving performance and security. Often, adjusting easily overlooked settings for MySQL or Apache can have a dramatic impact. I offer experience in knowing what to look for and why. A configuration review takes 4-5 days.

The review typically looks at Apache (httpd.conf), MySQL (my.cnf), Cron (crontab), PHP (php.ini), and Drupal configurations, including Drupal's administrator settings, page layouts (panels, blocks, and menus), and theme design (page.tpl.php, styles.css). The review will take into account your hardware configuration as necessary, reviewing its capacity for web serving based upon the number of servers used, their CPU power, and their available memory.

I do not review the esthetics of your site, but if desired I can review your site for usability and accessibility. I can also do a detailed functionality review in which I will check every link, every menu, and every JavaScript widget for proper functioning on a variety of browsers and operating systems.

The product of the review is a detailed report with recommendations for settings to adjust and the reasons for adjusting them. In most cases, once you know what settings to change you can quickly achieve noticeably better performance, security, and cross-platform functionality.

Custom Drupal modules

Drupal offers a bewildering range of modules, but sometimes there just isn't the exact thing you need. I offer experience in developing custom modules to meet your needs. Development time for a custom module varies with the task and may require from days to weeks of time.

Custom module development starts with specifications from you explaining what you need and how you expect it to integrate with the rest of your site. I can help you build those specifications and shape your expectations based upon what Drupal can and can't do well. With specifications in hand, I code up the module and provide a series of beta releases for your review.

The product of the development is full source code for a custom module, code documentation within the module, and usage documentation both as a Drupal help page and as HTML tutorial pages. Where appropriate, I will provide benchmark results showing the performance of the module under load.

Custom web sites

Drupal will get you 80% of the way fast, but the last 20% can be hard. Blocks, panels, menus, breadcrumbs, URLs, taxonomies, and themes all interact in a complex way to produce a polished site. I offer experience in manipulating these components to make your site work well. Development time for a custom site varies with the site design and may require weeks to months of time.

I am not a graphic designer. Instead I will work with your designer to build efficient graphic elements for the design. My specialty is in the technical construction of the site, including the many configuration settings involved and the interaction between settings in Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Drupal. I understand the cost of adding "just one more thing" to a design and can work with you to get a design that both looks good and works well.

I am a solo operation so my services are probably best suited to creating smaller web sites, such as those for small businesses that need a web presence. For instance, a restaurant may need to show its menu, hours, special event services, and a map to its location. A building contractor may need to list their license number, range of services provided, and a gallery of successful past projects. I generally do not do e-commerce sites.

The product of the development is a full web site. I will provide full documentation on how the web site is constructed and why, and document the procedures you should use to keep the site running well, such as a backup schedule and how to do those backups. I can provide training so that you can make future site updates yourself, or I can provide update services for you. I can work with your site administrators to bring up the site on your own hardware, or help you interface with a web hosting service to use their hardware.

Nadeau software consulting
Nadeau software consulting