• Animations
    Sampler of visualization animations.
  • User interfaces
    User interfaces, including those for biochemistry and volume editing applications.
  • Visualizations
    • Graphs and networks
      Graph and network visualizations, including phylogenetics, network structures, and cell signaling pathways.
    • Mathematical Functions
      3D mathematical functions visualized to test new rendering algorithms.
    • Medical imaging
      Head and brain cryosections and computed tomography scans visualized to test new volume rendering algorithms.
    • Microscopy
      Individual cells, groups of cells, and tissue samples visualized for the UCSD Cancer Center.
    • Synthetic Nebulae
      Simulated emission nebula, including the Orion nebula, developed with the American Museum of Natural History.
    • VRML Worlds
      Interactive 3D worlds on the web developed for the UCSD Pyschology Department, Cognitive Science Department, and for VRML course materials.
  • Magazine & Journal Covers
    Sampler of published cover images for magazines and journals.
Nadeau software consulting
Nadeau software consulting